Horses, What Is The Best Way To House Them?

When we all think of horses, we automatically gravitate to thinking about these magnificent gentle creatures, with their manes and tails flowing about in the wind. The truth is that horses are in fact gentle, loving creatures, which need a lot of care, attention and support. From what we have seen, horses are generally housed in barns or stalls padded with hay so should these gentle beasts get hungry, they have a snack to munch on nearby.

Horses, What Is The Best Way To House Them?

The next question is, whether there is a particular stall that needs to be bought for a particular kind of horse or whether they are universal. Different horses are different so what works for one horse may not work for the other. All that can be said is that the owners of the horses would know what is best for their horses. The optimum stall has a lot of factors that need to be considered starting from the shape of the stall, to the materials used in the construction of the stall and the padding to be used on the stall floor.

The options in terms of the shapes of stalls are either square or rectangular shaped; the latter seems to be more popular as research and observation of the horses have shown that they respond better and are more comfortable in a rectangular shaped stall. Research further shows that the bigger the stall the better for the horses in terms of comfort and ventilation, the horses feel that they have more room to move. The materials to be used in the construction of the stall would depend on the individual horse. The most commonly used stall floor materials are clay or concrete and the individual owner has their choice of cushioning to be put there for their horse, the cushioning could be hay or mats, anything to make the horse feel at ease and also to help with drainage. By placing a cushion it helps reduce wet spots when the horse downloads and helps make stall cleaning a whole lot easier. Another option to help with drainage is by digging three to four foot drains around the sides of the stall and to cover them with gravel and rocks, these drains should optimally help in the absorption of the waste matter of the horses as well. In terms of the ceiling some stalls have no ceiling whereas some do; research has suggested that the higher the ceiling the better as its better ventilation and it gives the stall a more airy feel. According to research the ideal stall for a horse would be one with high ceilings, adequate drainage, a cushion on the stall floor and two doors, one leading the horse to the barn and the other door leading to the outdoors.

There is no right or wrong way in building the optimum stall. What has to be considered when building and choosing materials for the stall is the comfort of the horses in it and also the safety of the people who would be there working with the horses and feeding them.

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