The Red Wheelbarrow Poem

The red wheel informs its visitors about the famous poem called The Red Wheel barrow. The Red wheel barrow is a poem that is considered a masterwork of the American poetry writer called William Carlos Williams. Williams was an American poet from the city of Rutherford, New Jersey. He was born in September of 1883 and died March of 1963. The Red Wheelbarrow poem exemplifies William Carlos Williams imagism influenced philosophy on this 1923 famous poem. The style of this poem is different from the traditional British stress patterns, which was done to create a typical American image. This poem subject matter is what makes the poem more important and distinctive. Williams had lifted a brazier into an artistic level. The poem has more in common to the Haiku of Basho. Hauki is a short form of Japanese poetry. Basho known as Matsuo Basho was a very famous poet of the Edo period in the country of Japan.

The Red Wheelbarrow analysis structure of the poem has a distinct pattern with alternating lines of one and two stress syllables. The poem attempts to reach a specific combination of stresses, but it misses on purpose each time. In 2010 this poem was recited in the Woody Allen movie called "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger". This famous poem can be gathered at your local bookstore.

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